Pics Mash Plugin – Over 1,000 downloads!

Pics Mash Plugin – Over 1,000 downloads!

On February 18, 2013, Posted by , In Plugins, By ,, , With 2 Comments
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What's This?

Over 1,000 downloads


WOW…  I never expected this much from my first real plugin. I hope everyone who has downloaded the free version is using it well and if people like it there’s always the upgrade to the PRO version. For those who aren’t familiar Facemash was the website that Mark Zuckerberg created before Facebook. It was very popular if not a bit controversial. Now you can make your very own Facemash on your WordPress website. Use the plugin to

  1. Add a new area where users can check out all your images
  2. Find out which image is the best image
  3. Let your users have some FUN
  4. Increase the share and like rate of your images through lots of Social Share features.

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