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Plugin Hunt WordPress Theme

The Pluign Hunt WordPress Theme is our most popular theme yet. Fully packed with features this amazing theme gives you product hunt in a box, starting from just $79.

Amazing Curated Content

The Plugin Hunt Theme lets you have a website just like product hunt up and running in only a few clicks. Updated regularly this theme is one of the most popular themes that we have created.

Classic and Boxed Layouts

Do you want the classic layout or the brand new boxed design. Easily flip between options for your theme layout. Our Classic view is true to Product Hunts layout but the new boxed version gives plenty of space for adding sidebars and improving visitor navigation flow

Front End Curated Content

Website visitors join your site and can submit content. Beautiful front end posting forms make adding new content a breeze

Hottest Content Daily

Keep your content fresh and the most popular daily content at the top of the list. The best way to promote new content to your visitors. With the most popular first in the list you always give your visitors the best and freshest content first.

Beautiful Comments

Commenting can be a drag. With the amazing comment system in this theme it couldn't be easier. Prompt engaging discussions and mention users in your comments.

Collections of Content

With 90% of the worlds data created in the last 2 years, you need new ways to present your content. Allowing people to collect your content is the best way to do this. Visitors can click on the collection icon and create a new collection, and then start adding new content to the collection. A great way to remember products for later viewing.

Social Connect

As standard, make it super easy for people to connect to your website via their Social Network accounts. All it takes is one or two clicks and your visitors have an account with your website in seconds. They can then start contributuing to your community.

Flash Post View

Flash Post View is the best way to view content. Load in the full content of a post in the "flash view" and keep visitors on your website longer as they can browse new content without leaving the home page. With social share, upvotes and external links to the product in question, this flash view is a powerful tool to drive people to where you want them to go via the 'GET NOW' button.

Featured Collections

Feature your best collections of content on its very own hub. Drive new visitors through social share and find new ways to have your content rise to the top.

Amazing Profile Pages

WordPress author pages like never before. Upvoted content, submitted content and collected content. See who follows you and follow other users. The central page for all your activity.

Grid Layout

This is a Plugin Hunt unique first. Switch between list view and grid view. Choose which view to display as default for your visitors. Grid is the perfect layout for image driven content but you can choose whichever you like.

Invite System

You don't just want anyone commenting and submitting spam to your website. With the WordPress user levels system you can control who is allowed to post content

Visitors can ask to be promoted to a level that lets them post content (or you can default all users to that level) as admin you have full control

Admin User Control

See who wants to be part of your carefully vetted community and upgrade members on their request to add comments or even add new content to your website. Flexible and easy to manage.


A complete new area of your site dedicated to discussions. Allow users to submit products or submit a discussion post. You want to increase user engagement on your website and having the option to enable the discussions section is an amazingly powerful additon to the theme.

Tons of Options

The Plugin Hunt Theme comes with tons of options for you to control exactly how the theme looks and operates. What could be better.

Sounds good? Check out the pricing for the theme below. Starting at just $79 for personal use you can setup your very own version of Product Hunt out of the box, using WordPress as your content management system.

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and start running your very own product hunt style website today