10 Things I Love About WordPress

August 17, 2014| Mike Stott

I thought it would be super useful to put together a list of the 10 things I love about WordPress, since it is totally amazing. Although I have also written a post about 10 Things I Hate About WordPress.

I think on reflection, I love WordPress a little more than I hate it 🙂 here’s my top 10 things I love about WordPress:-

  1. I love how it allows anyone to easily setup and create a website. All you need is hosting, choose your theme and domain and you can be up and running, whether it’s just a simple blog about life, your favourite burger joints in town, or whether you’re running a small business and want your own website. Then WordPress really is the best thing to use.
  2. I love how there’s SO MANY plugins available to use with WordPress, say I want a “Contact Us” page for my site, where visitors can submit a query (without exposing my email for SPAMBOTS to collect and send me links to the best gucci handbags..) then there’s a plugin for that. There’s also more complex plugins which let you run a full eCommerce store, or take bookings for a hotel!
  3. Themes, yep. I love them (but also hate them) some are amazing and do so much, but some also do too much. Finding that right balance with the plugins you’re using is really key to having a nice website. Themes and Plugins UNITE.
  4. Those hidden extras…. yep, things like “distraction free writing”, “PressThis” and even Chrome Extensions, which make blogging just that bit easier. Wow….
  5. The WordPress team. Seeing how these guys work (often for free) to build the WordPress Core. It’s really amazing how these guys develop new features and keep WordPress up with the rest of the pack.
  6. It allowed Epic Plugins to be born. Without WordPress we wouldn’t exist (our sites WordPress, and our products are for WordPress).
  7. It’s history… great things come from humble beginnings. WordPress rising like a phoenix from the ashes of cafelog.
  8. I love how it’s enabled many people around the World to make a living from WordPress, from developers, to websites that wouldn’t exist without WordPress.
  9. I really do love this new “distraction free” writing tool, bonus points for being cool #buildmorefeaturesplease onto it, so much so it gets a second mention.
  10. And finally, I love that it allows me to share my views with the world. Which is truely epic.
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