Cloudflare on WordPress

I thought I’d write a quick post up about my recent experience with a DDoS attack on the epicplugins website and how I was able to manage this using Cloudflare and how it helped.

What is My WordPress Feed URL?

You may need to know this for a number of reasons (twitterfeed being a good one). Your WordPress feed URL is: It’s really as simple as that!

Epic membership

Epic plugins has been in operation since October 2012 and has developed a number of top quality premium WordPress plugins.

WP last updated

WP lastupdated lets you easily add a shortcode or widget to you site which tells your visitors when the last time your site was updated.

WordPress › WordPress 3.6 Beta 1

The guys over at have been developing WordPress 3.6 and have released a Beta version for testing. The software is still in development and it is not recommended to use this on a production site it’s a version for people to play with and get used to what is new in 3.6.

WordPress Plugins – Free or Premium

What do we mean by a free WordPress plugin? why is there a free and a premium WordPress plugin out there? What motivates people to write free plugins and why you SHOULD be using free plugins as well as premium plugins.