Post to WordPress: iOS app

Following on from the Google Chrome extension we have developed a mobile iOS app to bring the same “Post to WordPress” power as the Chrome extensions. 

Why WordPress Plugins give you the advantage

WordPress blogs and websites are extremely popular. But many businesses and bloggers fail to realise the potential they have at their fingertips. We have comprised a list of 5 distinct ways WordPress plugins are advantageous compared to other blogger sites that offer plugins (such as Drupal or Joomla).

Quick Tip: permalinks

Sometimes when you install a new plugin that registers a custom post type (like Dilemma or Pics Mash), visiting the custom post on the “view post” on the admin menu will bring you to a 404 not found page

Post to WordPress: Chrome extension guide

I thought it would be useful to post up a quick image post (from the Chrome extension) to hopefully help people who may be having issues with getting the extension to Post to WordPress from Chrome.

Epic Gallery Shortcodes

This page gives the information on the shortcodes for Epic Galery. With the release of version 1.4 of the plugin it comes PACKED with tons of cool stuff.