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Epic Plugins: year in review 2013

December 17, 2013|

As I sit here, Christmas is creeping ever closer and I am yet to buy Christmas presents for the family…  I have decided to reflect and spend some time going over what Epic things have happened over the course of 2013 and how Epic Plugins didn’t even exist this time last year…

WordPress – what would you like to see?

December 17, 2013|

As the latest version of WordPress is now available, how is everyone finding it? Do you love the new admin Dashboard, does it make your website management experience easier? As the 2013 year draws to the close I am starting to plan my Epic Year in Review to give a general insight into how 2013 has gone but I also would like your views on anything you would like to see in a WordPress Plugin? Please let me know via the comments below and keep on being EPIC!!