Monthly Archives: August 2017

18 of the Best WordPress Plugins For Amazing Ecommerce Sites

August 25, 2017|

Online shopping is the beating heart of the internet. Billions are spent online each year. Want to get in on that? You too can compete with High Street legends for customers. But you don’t need their budget or huge IT departments. In fact, those profits are falling thanks to online competition.

How to get Facebook Style images in WordPress

August 23, 2017|

Facebook certainly know how to get people sharing and there are now over two billion users to share with. Estimates of 300-350 million new photos being uploaded each day were bandied about several years ago. Photos, memes and other images are a huge part of the popularity of Facebook.

How to offer amazing customer support without a large team

August 9, 2017|

Does the thought of checking your support email or ticket system fill you with dread? Receiving support requests is good because it means you actually have customers…but unless you have the budget for a dedicated support team, every second that you spend on support is time that you can’t spend improving your product or reaching new customers.

Transparency Report #16 – July 2017

August 7, 2017|

It’s that time again. I’m actually almost a week later publishing this transparency report than usual. They take a fair bit of time to put together and as I covered in last months report, I tend to flip between what I’m trying to accomplish through sharing these updates.