Monthly Archives: September 2017

Building your WordPress site? Under Construction Page

September 30, 2017|

Running a WordPress business isn’t as simple as it might seem at first. But for beginners, one of the hardest things is starting out and putting a website under maintenance. That’s because we do not know what is going on inside our visitors’ minds while we’re making changes or building a site. To avoid creating a bad image.

Transparency Report #17 – August 2017

September 24, 2017|

Phew, I’m getting slower with publishing these transparency reports.  The start of September has been busy for me since I’ve been moving out of an apartment and had limited access to the internet. However I’m back with the seventeenth report on what’s been going on with Epic Plugins, Epic Themes and Zero BS CRM.

What Are The Best WordPress Plugins Musicians Should Use?

September 12, 2017|

A musician’s website has to do a lot. You don’t know whether your visitor is a long time fan or someone who just heard you for the first time a minute ago on Spotify and googled you. You’ve got to sell albums, provide samples, list your upcoming gigs, blog about what you’ve been up to, flog some merchandise, connect with fans and all that.