Monthly Archives: October 2017

17 months after removing all my plugins from CodeCanyon

October 29, 2017|

It’s now 17 months since I removed my plugins for sale on CodeCanyon, it feels like a good time for an update today, but why today. Well, apart from having some time to write this post, it’s also the last weekend before annual renewals start to trigger – which would mean any comparison would be swayed away by renewal income coming in (and that is worthy of a post in it’s own right!)

What WordPress Plugins Do You Need To Go Viral?

October 11, 2017|

Going viral isn’t just a lucky bolt out of the blue. While the magical winds of the internet can’t be completely tamed there are definitely things you can do to maximise your chances of getting lucky, tools you can use and issues you can prepare for.

How To Use Polls for Increasing User Engagement

October 4, 2017|

One of the best ways to increase audience engagement is by asking your audience questions. Who doesn’t like to be asked their opinion on something? Being opinionated is being human. By asking a reader for their opinion, you are giving them the impression that their opinion is important to you.