Mike Stott

WordPress Excerpt control

October 27, 2013| Mike Stott|

There are a few ways to control the length of your blogs excerpt in WordPress, the first you may know, the second way… well – this post will explain other ways to do this.

We have an EPIC new skin

October 27, 2013| Mike Stott|

One thing we have been looking to improve on is the look and ease of use of the Epic Plugins website. To do this we have moved to a different theme and re-ordered our website around a bit 🙂 all of our cool epic plugins are active on this website and we hope you like the new design. We will be looking to add more and more content as we become more and more useful to the WordPress community. If you’re new to our site – have a look through the blog, or head over to the store. You may find something really EPIC.

Social Polling v1.2

September 20, 2013| Mike Stott|

The social polling plugin has been updated with new options to make the plugin more flexible. Here are a couple of previews along with a preview of how the viral share looks on a users Facebook feed

Pics Mash Plugin: Try before you buy

July 9, 2013| Mike Stott|

Just like with Social Gallery, we have a number of our premium plugins (well, a number being two) available for FREE over at WordPress.org. Pics Mash is another of these awesome plugins that you can kick the tyres of before you buy it for the full features 🙂 it really is awesome  

Social Gallery Lite: Try before you buy

July 8, 2013| Mike Stott|

Social Gallery is the latest suite of plugins to come and join the epic plugins crowd. It really is awesome and amazing. But surely I’m biased? Well of course I am, but don’t take my word for it. See for yourself with the free “Lite” edition of Social Gallery.