Mike Stott

WP last updated

April 14, 2013| Mike Stott|

WP lastupdated lets you easily add a shortcode or widget to you site which tells your visitors when the last time your site was updated.

WordPress › WordPress 3.6 Beta 1

April 13, 2013| Mike Stott|

The guys over at WordPress.org have been developing WordPress 3.6 and have released a Beta version for testing. The software is still in development and it is not recommended to use this on a production site it’s a version for people to play with and get used to what is new in 3.6.

WordPress Plugins – Free or Premium

April 11, 2013| Mike Stott|

What do we mean by a free WordPress plugin? why is there a free and a premium WordPress plugin out there? What motivates people to write free plugins and why you SHOULD be using free plugins as well as premium plugins.

Dilemma Plugin v3.0 released

March 19, 2013| Mike Stott|

I’ve not actually mentioned this with a real live example on this site yet. The latest version 3.0 comes with additional color options so I ask you all – what do you think of this plugin?

Old Affiliate Javascript Plugin

March 4, 2013| Mike Stott|

The Old Affiliate plugin displays a simple “your browser is out of date” message to people visiting your site from IE8 or below. The message contains links to 4 affilate products on amazon.com of other devices they may also like 🙂