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September 30, 2017| Mike Stott

Running a WordPress business isn’t as simple as it might seem at first. But for beginners, one of the hardest things is starting out and putting a website under maintenance. That’s because we do not know what is going on inside our visitors’ minds while we’re making changes or building a site. To avoid creating a bad image.

It’s crucial to inform visitors ahead of time that the site will be under maintenance and it’ll be launched back once everything is put in order. It’s hard to earn trust so everyone has to take a good care of their sites even before visitors start dropping by.

The easiest way to do this is to install an under construction page plugin. The good thing is that WordPress has thousands of plugins to help you solve this issue. But, you must select your plugin wisely because some of them might not be working with the theme that you are using, or it could be that some of these plugins are not user-friendly at all.

Under Construction Page

Upon experiencing the same situation before, we came across this free under construction plugin, and we would like to share it with you. Have you heard of Under Construction Page before? If not, we’ll give you a short background about it.

Under Construction Page by Web Factory helps you create maintenance, coming soon and landing pages in several easy steps. This plugin currently has more than 100,000 satisfied users and continues to grow at about 10,000 new users each month.

How to install the plugin

For beginners who don’t have an idea how Under Construction Page works, we’ll show the step by step process on how to install and use the plugin.

  • Step 1: Go to your site and log in. Once logged in, you will be redirected to your site’s dashboard.
  • Step 2: On the left most side of your dashboard is your navigation bar where you can see menu lists. Hover your pointer to Plugins, then select ‘Add New‘.
  • Step 3: After that, you will be redirected to WordPress Plugin Page. You can scroll through the list of plugins, but since we’ll be installing Under Construction Page, just simply type in “Under Construction Page” in the search box located at the upper right corner of the page.
  • Step 4: You will see various results,  just look for Under Construction Page by Web Factory Ltd. which should be the first result on the list.
  • Step 5: Click “Install Now button. The page will load for a while and the install now button will then be replaced with an “Activate button. Click it, and a message will come out when you have successfully installed the plugin.

Key features

Before we go to enabling the plugin, let’s dig in first into some of its features and options for better understanding and wise usage. This is a good plugin for beginners and non-techie users of WordPress, which means you will just simply tick and select to use its amazing features.

Your page will never look boring because there are many different and colorful design templates available to choose from. New designs are released two times every month and you can even customize its content based on your likes and needs. You can also reach out and inform your visitors through Facebook, Twitter, google+, Tumblr and many more social media because this plugin will allow you to connect to various platforms.

Whitelisted User Roles & Whitelisted Users features allow selecting particular users that won’t be affected by the under construction mode and will still be able to continue their tasks a usual. Under Construction Page plugin for WordPress is well maintained and supported. Developers are releasing new updates, features, and fixes at least twice a month. The support team is also making sure that all your queries are answered in less than 24 hours. You can check their support forum if you’re not convinced.

Unlike many other free plugins, guys at Web Factory provide email support for free! Even though you don’t have to pay a cent for using the plugin, you can send them a support email directly through the plugin’s settings, and they will answer you usually within one day.

Let’s customize the maintenance page

Ready to try Under Construction Page now? Follow the easy steps below that will guide you to enable and enjoy its features.

Since you’re done installing the plugin, you have to go back to your dashboard, hover it on Settings and select ‘Under Construction‘. After clicking it, you will be redirected to its Setting tab. But before enabling the plugin, you can choose a design template, add content, and set up a few different options.

Step 1:  Choose Your Themes. To select a template, click on ‘Design‘ tab and choose whatever design that suits your site.  As of writing this article, there were 25+ well-designed templates that you can choose from. The last one was animated, and we really liked it! If you want to personalize your under construction page design, you have an option to place your custom CSS code.

Step 2: Add Content.  If you wish to edit the content of the page, simply click ‘Content‘ tab and replace the default description, headline, and content with whatever you like. You can also place videos, images, and any HTML code.

Step 3: Add Social Media.  In the same ‘Content’ tab, you can also add social media icons/links, email address, phone number.

Step 4: Manage Access. To exclude user roles and users, go to ‘Access‘ tab and tick on the user roles and users that will not be affected by the under-maintenance mode.

Step 5: Switch On & Off. If you’re finished setting up specifications, go back to ‘Main‘ tab, turn the Status ON, and it’s done! Under construction mode is now enabled!

In addition, you can also set a date when you want your site back, and the plugin will automatically control the page.

Easy, right? You won’t be needing to configure a lot of things and a lot of your time will be saved. Instead, you can relax and start working on other WordPress settings instead of worrying about the broken site. Worried about some making alterations and improvements with your website? Feel free to try Under Construction and you will find out what we are talking about.

Why should you choose under construction plugin?

If you are maintaining your site design, fixes, and looking for a tool that can divert users’ attention in an exciting way, Under Construction Page plugin is for you. You have 25+ beautifully crafted templates to choose from to customize your maintenance mode page even better. Aside from its design and simplicity this plugin also 100% compatible with all WordPress themes.

And the plugin is only getting better. As we write this, the developers are working on new features. For starters, they are about to launch an online service that will allow non-WordPress users to generate maintenance pages as well. As soon as the service is done, you will be able to customize a maintenance page online, get the code and copy it to your HTML site. All for free and without registrations.

Also, the developers are hard working on a premium version of the plugin that will add new features:

  • Drag and Drop page builder
  • Improved access control
  • Custom links with custom expire rules
  • MailChimp and Zapier support
  • Support for local database autoresponder
  • Import and Export settings
  • Unsplash API integration – get access to more than 200k photos
  • Newsletter module
  • Countdown timer
  • … and much more!

What do you think about maintenance pages in general? How do you like Under Construction Page?

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