12 in 12

Epic Timeline Theme – Coming Soon

December 18, 2016|

Well. It’s the end of the third week, second month. Time has been flying this month. It’s the run up to Christmas and nothing is better than building a theme specifically to act as a timeline. So coming soon is the amazing Epic Timeline Theme. This theme is the second theme in the 12 WordPress Themes in 12 Months challenge.

12 WordPress Themes – Theme 1 Debrief

December 7, 2016|

The first theme in the 12 WordPress Themes in 12 Months challenge was launched last week. This followed a 4 week process of coming up with the idea of what to create. Building up the websites which we reach out to about the themes . We also created Outreach List WP – a directory of places to promote your WordPress products.

12 WordPress Themes – Month 1. Week 3. Report

November 17, 2016|

Just three weeks ago I started a challenge. A challenge to develop, market and launch 12 WordPress Themes in 12 Months. That’s one a month for a full year. Each theme being different. Each theme building on the code from the earlier theme.

12 WordPress Themes – Month 1. Week 2. Report

November 13, 2016|

It’s the end of week 2. It’s creeping up to the point where the first theme will be almost ready to be released. A lot of time this week has been spent setting the scene. Reaching out to Outreach partners and spending time being interviewed and getting content prepared for various sites.

12 WordPress themes in 12 Months: The Project Homepage

November 4, 2016|

Just 4 days ago I started on the challenge of creating, launching and marketing 12 WordPress Themes in 12 months. I’ve also committed to blogging every step of the way. At the end of each week I’ll send out a round-up of the weeks development to the mailing list. If you’ve not signed up yet you can sign up below.

WordPress Plugins and Themes. Where to promote your products

November 4, 2016|

As part of my challenge to develop 12 WordPress Themes in 12 Months I came across the need to build up a central repository of websites where you can promote WordPress products. That’s been my mini project for this week. Put together an online resource that I can add to. A resource that will become useful as the development project continues and starts to gather momentum.