Less is More

It’s been a while since I’ve written on this blog. Epic Plugins has been in operation since 2012. In that period we’ve changed brand design, and changed eCommerce solutions and even changed hosts a number of times. e-Commerce solutions Since starting Epic Plugins in 2012, we started using WP eStore, which was good at the …

Embracing Open Startup Culture

I’ve always been one for sharing the positives and negatives of being an Entrepreneur. If you’re a regular follower of the blog you may have noticed that the content here has dried up a little. Why?  Three reasons.

The Best WordPress Plugins To Sell Photos

We’ve covered the best WordPress plugins for photographers, with an emphasis on getting your work shared. But what about getting your work sold? Going viral isn’t much use if it doesn’t translate into cold, hard cash.

5 Simple Reasons You Do Not Want Too Many WordPress Plugins

How many WordPress plugins should you have on your site? There are thousands upon thousands to choose from, for every conceivable tweak or addition to your WordPress website. It’s great for options and for extending WordPress’s already versatile and powerful abilities. You can transform your site and add amazing capabilities.

32 of the Best WordPress Plugins For Photographers To Share Images

So you’ve got yourself a stunning photography website or portfolio to display your work and attract new clients. Now you need to get your work out there and share your images across the web. We’ve got a selection of 32 of the best WordPress plugins for photographers. Everything you need to share your images, organise …