Develop 12 WordPress Themes in 12 months

October 30, 2016| Mike Stott

OK. This weekend I was set a challenge. Develop 12 WordPress Themes in 12 months. I’ve accepted the challenge. Here at epic plugins I also develop and sell themes.

I have three themes at the moment, and a heck of a lot of plugins. So through doing the 12 themes in 12 months challenge it’ll bolster the theme offering. But that’s not the only reason I’m doing this.

I want to learn from each release. What works with marketing. What’s the best way to launch and sell premium themes.

In the 12 themes in 12 months challenge there’s a couple a tick boxes I want to complete along the way. I want to do the following:-

  • I want to release a theme on (free theme)
  • I want to have each theme build on the previous theme (i.e. re-use the code)
  • I want to have a theme on
  • I want to develop a WooCommerce theme
  • I want to develop a BuddyPress theme
  • I want to develop a bbPress (forum) theme

Through doing this I’ll learn more and at the end of it I’ll have a good blueprint about what works when it comes to launch. Through the process of developing 12 Themes in 12 Months I’ll also be building up

  • Which channels work the best when advertising themes
  • Which websites out there are good for reviewing themes
  • What launch sequence works
  • Which affiliates are willing to promote my themes

Following each release I’ll also do a wrap up of how the development went. I’ll also be blogging along the way. Covering how to build a theme and the latest WordPress guidelines will be followed.

A final thing. I’ll be making all 12 themes myself.  It may sound like a crazy challenge. It is.

Sound good? Want to be notified each time I write a post about the challenge and when I release each theme? Sign up below and I’ll drop you an email along the way. I’ll be starting the challenge November 2016 (which is only a couple of days away!).

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