Plugin Hunt Theme

Create a website similar to Product Hunt

The Plugin Hunt Theme, upon activation, will take you to the welcome wizard. This guides you through the basic options and highlights ways to extend the theme and install the demo content. 

Each of the steps in the Wizard are:-

  1. Choose your layout - default is the single column (Classic) 
  2. Install Demo Content - this imports 10 example posts from
  3. Extend the Theme 
  4. Sign up to the mailing list and learn more
  5. Finish

There are currently two add ons for the plugin hunt theme which are detailed below

Popular This - Available Here

This adds a section above the main content showing the top rated products for a particular period

Notify Me - Available Here

This adds a notification system to your website, as well as an Activiy Feed for your users. 

Activity Feed customised for you

The Theme Requires a number of plugins to operate. These are shown below


Running quickly through each one:-

These plugins are third party plugins and come with their own set of documentation and support. We do not support these plugins.

The WPeddit Plugin is our own epic plugin - however it doesn't require any configuration.


Theme My Login

The Theme My Login Plugin has the following settings which should be chosen

Ticking Themed Profiles allows you to set a page for users to edit their profile information. The URL should be

Replacing with your own domain.

However the actual slug /your-profile/ depends on what your page slug is for the Theme My Login 'Your Profile' page (it may differ depending on your language or setup).

Upon purchase you will be provided with an API key to activate your theme. This will give you access to updates from your WordPress Dashboard. 

You need to activate the theme with the email you used when purchasing the theme. If you have any issues with activation please contact support.

There is a special menu added for Plugin Hunt specific admin actions. 

This is where settings are housed for the add-ons as well as giving an up to date list of add ons available.

The Waiting List is an important area to focus on. The Theme has 'levels' of users. The waiting list is where users have requested a higher access.  The next section covers the User Levels in the theme.


WordPress comes with User Levels and the Plugin Hunt Theme takes advantage of these. The following are the levels (and what they can do in the theme)


Subscribers can upvote content. They cannot comment on content and they cannot submit content to your website. To be able to upvote a user must be logged in. The standard user level for sign ups is Subscriber. This gives the least options to anyone who signs up and is a good way to control against SPAM.

You can see this under the general WordPress Settings -> General

It's important to make sure both the 'Anyone can register' is ticked and you've chosen your default role (the default is subscriber unless you change it)


Contribuers can contribute to your website. They can comment on articles and they can submit content. Importantly, when it comes to Media, they can only add LINKS to the media (such as an image link or YouTube link) they cannot upload media to your website. 

They have the same capabilities as the Subscriber level, but with the additional capabilities of commenting and being able to submit content to you.

Submitted content will be held pending review. It won't be live on your site until you approve it as admin.


Authors have all the capabilities that Subscribers and Contributers have but with the following extras

Think of this as a way of giving people you trust access to add content to your site (including media) without you needing to review it first.


Finally, the admin role. This role can approve users to be any of the roles above from the 'Waiting List' menu. They also have fulll access to the 'back end' of your website. Generally this person will be yourself, unless you trust anyone else to have full access to your site. 

So, the default role really depending on how trusting you are with your website and whether you want to control exactly what gets added. 

On we give the default role as Subscriber and given people generally are testing out the theme there, we keep people at that level and do not approve higher capabilties as we want the content to be WordPress Plugins and not a bunch of test posts.


The Theme has an options panel under 'Appearance  -> Theme Options' this is shown below

There's a lot of sections to customise and I'll run through each one where the options may need explaining rather than run through ALL the options (some are obvious)


This has an ON/OFF switch for whether to use the Experimental 'Mobile Template' system. This uses specific PHP templates designed for mobile devices. If this is OFF then the responsive CSS is used instead (using the standard templates).


The Notifications section is added if you have the Notify Me Plugin installed. 


This is for Logos and (if using layout 3) what text to have on the submit content button.


Index Layout

There's now 4 layouts to choose from in the Theme. These are explained below

Layout 1 - This is the 'Classic' layout and how Product Hunt used to look back in 2014.

Layout 2 - This is closest to the current layout of Product Hunt

Layout 3 - This is a customised layout for VIDEO sites. Which show embedded videos (see the section on videos). It has Social Share prominent on the post listings. 

Layout 4 - This is a 3 column layout similar to layout 2. 

Page Layout

There's also 2 page layouts. 

Layout 1 - This is a layout with space for a footer with bold headings

Layout 2 - This is my preferred layout and in line with the index layouts. 

These are the options for the Page Layout 1 and give you a way to populate certain areas of the footer. 


There's a lot of Options in here, The following are the options which need explanation.



The Collections settings lets you choose whether to show sticky collections. Sticky collections is a drop down area of the website above the list of posts. This is a good way of showing links to 'sticky' collections that you've set on the collections edit page.

If you have this turned on, then any collections which you mark as 'Featured' will show up in the dropdown randomly

The Featured Collections Tagline is the string used on the /collections/ URL 

User Profile

You need to have activated the Theme My Login plugin and then find the slug of the page which is 'Your Profile' you enter this slug here to enable people to be able to go to their profile from the user menu.  

You need to have enabled THEMED PROFILES in the Theme My Login settings for this to show up to users (the Edit Profile link)


Whether or not you want to enable the discussions part of the theme. To do this you then use the URL /disucss/ to show the ability for users to start discussions.


Are you running WooCommerce? Do you want to turn your website into a marketplace? This option lets you do just that. 

Lock Out

The 'Lock Out' message is the message which appears to users when they do not have permission to submit content. You can also include a link here for an FAQ page. This FAQ page can give more information about what they need to do to get access to submit content. 

New Post Form

Under the New Post Form there's the following options.

Product Title - e.g. 'Post a new product'

Product Subtitle - e.g. 'Found something cool? Hunt it'

Hunting - e.g. 'Submitting, Hunting, Posting'

Discuss Title - e.g. 'Submit a discussion'

Discuss Subtitle - e.g. 'Let's talk about this'

Woo Title - e.g. 'Sell your stuff'

Woo Subtitle - e.g. 'Sell through our website and get a great price'

Show Tag Line - ON - this shows the 'Enter a tagline' if you turn this 'OFF' then it shows a WYSIWYG editor instead and allows more content to be added. 

Product Type and Product Availability - Turning these on gives you an extra two sets of taxonomies and allows you to group your content by type and availability. For example type could be 'Web, iPhone, SaaS' and availability could be 'prelaunch, beta, available now' type options.

Button Call To Action - Enter the text for your button Call To Action


The Mailchimp area is whether you want to use Mailchimp sign up box with the theme. This allows you to capture people's emails and add them to your mailing list. For this you need your Mailchimp API key, the List ID and also the message that you want to show when someone has signed up to your list. 

Color Schemes

This is where you can customise the colors of the theme. Control the main colors. If there's any colors which these do not pick up you can override with custom CSS.

Blog Layout

Plugin Hunt Theme comes with it's own blog layout. This lets you choose the logo, the title and the tagline. You can also change the 'call to action' in the footer which brings you back to the homepage of your site.

Custom CSS

Enter any custom CSS here for desktop or mobile. This will not be lost if the theme is updated. 

Google Analytics

Enter your Google Analytics script code (without the <script></script> tags)


Enter your twitter handle for the social share 'tweet' functionality.


Choose whether you want to display the product slider shown at the top of the website

How do I get support?

We handle support via the following email