Epic Freelance

Do you need something developed? Do you want your website to do that bit more? Here at Epic Plugins we build WordPress Plugins, WordPress Themes and much more.

As a result we know a thing or two about development and creating websites as well as just WordPress plugins and WordPress Themes and what’s great for you is that we like to mix our own website development with client work! If we feel that your request could result in a useable plugin or theme for others to use, we offer a reduced rate (contact us for more details)

We put all that learned experience to good use for you, developing fantastic websites, plugins and themes at a reasonable cost – you pay us the professions’ going rate – its a Win-Win business, something we hold as a key principle here.

Why Choose Us for Your Web Development?

As our customers always tell us, it’s not often you find highly skilled developers based in the UK, especially reliable, hard working ones. We develop outstanding websites using the latest technologies and development ideologies.
Here are some key reasons for letting us build your website or app:

  • 10 + Years developing professionally
  • Latest standards exceeded – CSS3.0, HTML5, jQuery
  • WordPress standard compliant (developer.wordpress.org)
  • Bleeding Edge Equipment (Macbook OSX with 16GB RAM)
  • Reliability & Communication
  • British Lead Developer (easy communication)

How Much Does Web Development Cost?

Because we are a small team (1-5 depending on requirement) we are able to stick to lean methodologies, which keeps us developing what needs to be developed and keeps the price’s down for you. We typically charge a rate of $65per hour for general work, but when you request a quote at the bottom of this page we can put a real price against the development work you need doing, and with us the price agreed at commencement is the price you pay. We Always Deliver.

Typical Development Rates

  • Epic WordPress Development (plugins, themes) ($65 per *Super hour)
  • Discounted daily rate $450 Per Day

*Super Hour refers to our highly leveraged time – our clients tell us we achieve more per hour than any other developer they have used. This is due to our coding standards and boilerplate WordPress files.

See how much development will cost for your website, don’t forget, just because we’re expert with WordPress doesn’t mean we cannot develop outside of WordPress (since WordPress is built around PHP, MySQL and jQuery) some of our other skills are:-
  • Node.js development front and back end performance
  • Ionic Framework for Mobile apps
  • Twitter Bootstrap for beautiful front end framework
  • Angular.js and other cutting edge technologies
Hi, I’m Mike Stott – I am the Lead Developer and Founder of Epic Plugins and Epic Themes, when you request a quote from this page I am who you will be contacting. Whatever the size of your development job I am confident we can deliver a better solution than you imagined, and in most cases quicker than any of our competitors.
I look forward to hearing from you!

How do You Develop Websites and Web Apps?

Here is a typical example of how we develop for clients, 10 (or 12) steps to getting the website or web app you want:

  1. Client requests a quotation
  2. We take a look at the request thoroughly and come up with some further questions
  3. Client responds to few questions
  4. We offer a price along with a list of deliverables and a possible start date
  5. Client accepts, work commences
  6. As developing client is updated regularly
  7. Once our work is nearly complete all code goes through quality control
  8. All code is annotated & cleaned
  9. Website is delivered to client
  10. Client is very happy, pays bill but wants a few tweaks
  11. We tweak Client’s website
  12. Another Client goes on towards success

Do you use innovative technology?

We use the latest standards in developing websites and typically we develop using the most widely used three technologies:

  • PHP 5 For Fast Pages and Web-host freedom
  • MySQL WorkBench for Data Architecting
  • jQuery for AJAX and Beautifully Usable Websites

As well as up to date tools we use the following to re-inforce our services rendered, (many developers don’t work to market standards or have a security policy!):

  • Smart Web Asset Storage and Compression
  • GIT Versioning for Recording Code Changes
  • The Latest in Graphics suites
  • Strong Security Policy to maintain your privacy