Epic Gallery Shortcodes

May 6, 2013| Mike Stott

This page gives the information on the shortcodes for Epic Galery. With the release of version 1.4 of the plugin it comes PACKED with tons of cool stuff.


is the first shortcode and will display your gallery by the settings you have in the default of your site.

The next shortcode is the search functionality of the plugin.


this allows you place a search function for the images in your Epic Gallery. Just like how Google Images displays your images.

If you’d like to be variable you can tell Epic Gallery which viewer to use, the google images type viewer or the facebook type viewer.

[[epicgallery epviewer = 'epic']]

for the Google type and

[[epicgallery epviewer = 'social']]

for the Facebook type viewer

You can also you the ‘epviewer’ filter on your normal epic galleries.

To display your Epic Images by category or gallery you can use the following

[[epicgallery cats = 'ID']]
[[epicgallery gallery = 'gallery name']]

Where the ‘ID” in the cats variable is the tagID for your epic category and the ‘gallery’ is the name of your gallery. You can see the name of your gallery on the Manage Pics menu of Epic Gallery.

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