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April 7, 2013| Mike Stott

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Epic Plugins is proud to present its very first Google Chrome extension to make your life easier.

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This item gives you the ability to blog from ANYWHERE. No longer do you have to keep logging into your WordPress dashboard, create a new post and add content from the admin bar. You can post this from any webpage straight from your browser.

The extension adds the following:

1.) The ability to right click any image and upload it to your WordPress media library. You can assign this as a featured image to an empty post, then go in and edit the post afterwards. Perfect if you have a site that only displays a posts featured image or if you want a quick way to get your post started with a featured image

2.) Adds a browser action icon next to your browser bar. Clicking this brings up a Post to WordPress form where you can write quick posts and even set your featured image for the post from the form.

The plugin uses the WordPress XML_RPC API for creating new posts but uses a unique way of uploading and setting featured images to posts. Including the right click “post image to wordpress”.

Because this is so unique, a specific handler plugin has been needed to be created to be able to use the full power of this extension.

The extension still works for creating new posts from the browser action, however to include a featured image to the post from your browser you’ll need to install an additional plugin available from epic plugins.

This is a 0.1 BETA release and also a first release of a Chrome extension to work with WordPress.org.

There are no plans to extend this to work with WordPress.com blogs, however it would not be difficult to do so. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

The code for this extension has been a combination of publicly available gits as well as my own coding to combine these to be able to give the end product.

I hope everyone likes it.

Steps needed for this plugin if you want the full image functionality.

1.) Purchase and install link2featued from http://epicplugins.com/external-url-link-to-featured-images/ and upload to your WordPress plugins directory

2.) Ensure your plugins are saved in ‘wp-content’ folder as this is set in the extension

3.) Add your site details (Site URL, username and password) to the extensions settings and the chrome extension should work

As mentioned this is an early BETA release please do share feedback and report any bugs for fixing.

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