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December 18, 2016| Mike Stott

Well. It’s the end of the third week, second month. Time has been flying this month. It’s the run up to Christmas and nothing is better than building a theme specifically to act as a timeline.

So coming soon is the amazingĀ Epic Timeline Theme. This theme is the second theme in the 12 WordPress Themes in 12 Months challenge.

Learning from Theme #1

The first theme, Epic Blogger, is a great theme for blogging. The feedback from the release of the first theme was that it could do with a better demo. It was also clear that getting designers involved in each theme as part of the process was something to seriously consider.

What about the designs

In the end there were a couple of good designs submitted. There was a clear favourite, however while provided in the form of a timeline, when building the design into a theme it was clear that this particular design is more suited for a different type of theme entirely (hint – this will be coming in theme #3 – if you’ve not signed up to be notified about each release you can do so using the form at the bottom of the post).

A close 2nd design

The second design produced was also a nice theme and will be something I release shortly. It’s good for telling a story – rather than having a timeline of posts. Yep you guessed it. This design will also be made into a theme.

The Epic Timeline Theme

The theme which will be launched on the 1st January will be the Epic Timeline theme as shown in the screenshot. You can check out the demo of the theme here.

What’s a Timeline Theme good for?

It’s great for writing about your journey. More and more companies are being transparent about their growth. They’re blogging about every step of the way. With the Epic Timeline Theme now you can do the same. It’s perfect for your very own business. We use it for the Zero BS CRM blog (will be moving our blogging over to there full time going forwards). It’s great if you want to

As you can see – it builds on from the Epic Blogger Theme. Keeping the same flat layout.

Launch date and Special Launch Price

As always, we will be running a Launch Special. The theme will be launching on theĀ 1st January (yes, I know that’s New Year’s day). Given it’s New Year’s day the launch offer will run for 2 weeks instead of the usual 1 week.

To be notified when the theme is launched, make sure you’re signed up to the email list below



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