Full list of Epic Plugins 2013

December 17, 2013| Mike Stott

Here’s a very quick summary list of the Epic Plugins that fall under our brand….

  1. Social Gallery WordPress Photo Viewer *CodeCanyon: Epicplugins
  2. Social Gallery: Mobile Add on *SG store
  3. Social Gallery: Stats Add on *SG store
  4. Post to WordPress: Chrome extension   *Chome webstore
  5. Social Gallery WordPress Video Viewer *CodeCanyon: Epicplugins
  6. Social Image Tagger WordPress Plugin *CodeCanyon: Epicplugins
  7. Social Gallery Shortcodes Plugin *CodeCanyon: Epicplugins
  8. Easy Envato Sales Assistant *CodeCanyon: Epicplugins
  9. Epic Gallery WordPress Plugin *CodeCanyon: mikemayhem3030
  10. WPeddit: Reddit for WordPress Plugin *CodeCanyon: mikemayhem3030
  11. WPeddit: Reddit for WordPress Theme *Epic Store
  12. BuddyPress Social Polling Plugin *CodeCanyon: mikemayhem3030
  13. WordPress Social Polling Plugin (Facebook linked) *CodeCanyon: mikemayhem3030
  14. Easy Polling Plugin *CodeCanyon: mikemayhem3030
  15. Pics Mash Image Rating Tool *CodeCanyon: mikemayhem3030
  16. Video Mash Facemash for WordPress *CodeCanyon: mikemayhem3030
  17. Sound Mash Facemash for WordPress *CodeCanyon: mikemayhem3030
  18. Dilemma WordPress Plugin *CodeCanyon: mikemayhem3030
  19. Link 2 Featured Image Plugin *Epic Store
  20. bbPress PayPal customer only plugin *Epic Store
  21. Videomash user upload add on *Epic Store
  22. Pics Mash AJAX add on *Epic Store
  23. GeoPost for WordPress *Epic Store
  24. WPtouch featured image add on *Epic Store
  25. Old Affiliate Javascript  *Epic Store
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