Google Chrome extension v1.2.2

May 9, 2013| Mike Stott

I’m proud to announce that the Google Chrome extension has been updated to v0.2 following intial feedback.

There’s still a number of things I’d like this extension to do..

This post has been written using the Google Chrome extension which has included setting a featured image.

The Chrome extension was created on the 6 April 2013 and prior to this v0.2 update on 8 May 2013 it has managed to gain 216 users.

Do you use the Chrome extension? What are your thoughts on the new version? What else would you like to see it doing?

If you’re using it please do share it and get more people using the extension 🙂 the more users the more powerful it can become.

New Features

  • Create posts with featured images set on right click. 
  • Improvement of the stability of the Create (non-image) posts.
  • Ability to set the status of the post (published or draft)
  • Create lots of quick top quality WordPress content and edit it in detail later
  • Drip feed your new post content from the WP admin after Post to WordPress from Chrome

The new features should hopefully mean the extension allows quicker and easier WordPress posting from anywhere without having to continually navigate and log into the WordPress admin dashboard.

Due to the stability of the XML-RPC WordPress API at the current time the plugin uses the Epic WordPress Plugin Link2Featured version 1.5 Without this Epic Plugin you are currently only able to post quick content to your WordPress website without attaching any featured images.

With the plugin installed and using the Chrome extension you can right click and image and quickly create a WordPress post for your blog around that image.

If you’re looking to harvest images for your WordPress Media Library you can use the extension + plugin combination to quickly “Post Image to WordPress” without creating a new WordPress post.

This is very useful if you’re populating the Epic Gallery Plugin with images from around the web, you can just right click, and press post then process the images into your Epic Gallery.

If you’ve not seen the Chrome extension yet you can check it out here



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