How to be Epic with Amazon Affiliates

May 6, 2014| Mike Stott

As the title suggests, you may be able to generate some nice passive income through being an Amazon affiliate, and using this simple WordPress plugin it can make your creation of Niche affiliate websites super easy. It still requires some work though – nothing in life is free.

The plugin claims to help you earn more and save time

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Easy Azon is a simple to use plugin which lets you quickly and easily create niche websites. It is super quick, and easy to get to grips with.

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What is a Niche Site

A niche site is a website which you setup and develop which is aimed to serve a small market and generate you affiliate income through operating in that niche. It was a decent racket a few years ago but are google now wise to the “get rich quick” niche sites?

The short answer is… maybe.

The long answer is, if they aren’t fully caught up they won’t take long to figure things out and could easily downgrade your site in search engines, however… are you willing to take the risk?

What do you need for a niche site

Firstly, you need to do a bit of research, you can use the epic Google Keyword planner to determine how often certain keywords are searched for. Pick something with low competition and something that has a product you can sell (or be an affiliate of)

That’s where easy Azon comes in, you can quickly populate these sites with content related to your keyword and then through SEO efforts get your site ranking (or even look for paid promotion spots) and see how you fare with generating affiliate income.

Check out Easy Azon

To prove the worth of setting up a Niche amazon I will be going through the process myself and I’ll share the results here in a blog series on Affiliate income using the niche site approach and affiliate income.

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