How WordPress Plugins Enhance Your Blog

April 16, 2013| Mike Stott


There are several ways that WordPress plugins work to enhance your blog, and below we have a few ways they work and a few tips for those new to plugins.

1. How WordPress plugins work

There are many different features and products available on the Internet that claim they will drive insurmountable traffic to your blog eventually making you a millionaire. While these are obviously ridiculous claims, there are some real common sense steps you can take to enhance your blog to be its best. WordPress plugins are one of the best ways to do this. So many people underestimate the advantage plugins can give to the user over competitors. For example, installing pin buttons for promoting yourself on Pinterest has been a huge advertising scheme recently and it is all thanks to effective plugins.

2. Find the right plugins

There are virtually plugins for everything you could possible want to do on your WordPress site. But finding the right plugin for the job can be a daunting task unless you know what to look for. You also don’t want to get carried away downloading and installing tons of plugins as this will slow down your site making its loading time longer. But regardless of what type of blog you have you want to find the right plugin for the job. For example, if you are trying to sell information about SEO you want to download the best premium plugins you can find. There are amazing plugins for SEO some that fully optimize every article you post, others that track your ranking on Google searches, and still others that input several different SEO features into one simple plugin. The possibilities are truly limitless. But if you know what you are looking for and what you need the process will be much easier, so do your research.

3. Fully take advantage of your plugin

Once your plugin is installed be sure and take full advantage of its many amazing features. Do not just buy a premium plugin and let it idly sit there on your website. Do something with it! Promote it, use it, encourage your audience to check it out and use it also. There’s no reason to invest time and energy into finding the perfect plugin for your blog and then turn around and not use it at all. Make sure you get the most out of the product by doing your part. As an example, some plugins allow you to collect a mailing list (which can be extremely helpful if you sell advertising like most bloggers). If you want people to know you have an option for them to follow via email you have to TELL THEM! So be sure and advertise what plugins you do have for the not so tech adept.

4. Let the Plugin do the work

Premium WordPress Plugins are unsurpassed with their ability to beautify and transform your website. In fact, without plugins all blogs would function the same. But if used properly, plugins can turn your blog from boring to exciting, and will enhance everything from the views you receive, to the amount of products you sell. Try it, I know you will be glad you did.


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