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October 22, 2018| Mike Stott

It’s been a while since I’ve written on this blog. Epic Plugins has been in operation since 2012. In that period we’ve changed brand design, and changed eCommerce solutions and even changed hosts a number of times.

e-Commerce solutions

Since starting Epic Plugins in 2012, we started using WP eStore, which was good at the time but then started hitting limitations around the time of VATmoss. After WP eStore we moved to WooCommerce, for selling annually renewing subscriptions, which seemed great for a time. BUT, again this had some major limitations.

Today, we have changed again to use Easy Digital Downloads, it does what it says on the tin, makes digital downloads super easy.

WooCommerce is geared towards stores, t-shirt shops, and doesn’t do as good a job for the digital downloads.


We’ve also changed host a number of times. There’s lots of options with hosting and we the website has developed we’ve changed our host to keep track. Again, we’ve now moved to Amazon as our host, moving away from hosting which is hard to control, and unreliable (at best)

By choosing Amazon, the sheer size of the company and software kit really makes it an attractive choice for hosting.


We’ve also taken the opportunity to downsize the plugins which are available for purchase via Epic Plugins. We had grown and were selling 30+ different plugins through the site. While this made the store look busy, there was the following trends

  1. Only a handful of plugins sold well, some smaller plugins trickled in sales
  2. A lot of choice can be confusing, so we are now selling our main flagship plugins
  3. Support was spread thin across 30+ plugins. Downsizing helps keep updates and support manageable.

What about other plugins?

If you’ve purchased a plugin in the past which is no longer displayed on the store don’t worry, as long as your subscription is active, support and updates will continue 🙂

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