Facemash reborn in a WordPress Plugin

January 17, 2013| Mike Stott

The AJAX add on creates a new shortcode that allows you to display a fully AJAX version of Pics Mash on your site. It lets users vote without performing a full page load.

To see the add on in action follow the link below:

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Pics Mash Image Rating Tool

Pics Mash image tool is the second plugin created by mikemayhem3030. Rather than a review (because I’d be very biased) I thought I’d share a bit of the “history” of this plugin. You may know all this, you may not even care.

It has come from me being a fan of the Social Network film where one of my favourite scenes is where it depicts Mark hacking the online “Facebooks” of his student houses at Harvard to collect photos that he could include in his “Facemash” game.

My first application of this concept was to decide which Call of Duty gaming emblem was the best. The plan being users could upload their own emblem and find out how it ranked among other Call of Duty players emblem. These emblems are created “in game” a little bit like how these online “meme generators” work.

The second application of the concept was on my very on Make Your Offer site where I built a custom “book cover” rating tool (play the game here), where people can vote which book cover they think is the best. The crutch? well the top rated covers make the MYO front page and get more exposure and more book sales. This has helped generate a high number of page impressions since authors log on and try and get their own books up to the top of the list.

Following on from this as I learned more development I thought that a good “give something back” to the WordPress community would be to create a plugin that does what Mark Zuckerbergs initial website did. You can pick up a free copy from WordPress.org or you can pay a small fee ($10 approx £6) to have a fully featured version of the plugin.

So now we know how people feel about this unique and cool WordPress plugin the next question on everyones lips is, how the heck do I go about setting up my own facemash? I’m not a coding expert, I don’t even know what HTML stands for, well not to worry here is all that you need!


Well, the first thing you need is an idea about what you’d like to “Mash” together there are tons of options out there so below are a few ideas for you to maybe setup your own site with

  • Faces – go back to the original and use it to rate how attractive two people are
  • Bodies – who has the best body
  • Artwork – which artists work is the best
  • Memes – those random images you see all over the net now find the best one of these
  • Porn – theres no hiding it, which boobs, which bum, which pornstar is best is a popular choice
  • Animals – not linked into the above, cute dogs, cute cats, hell could even combine memes and cats and do a LOL cats
  • Book covers – never a judge a book by its cover – why not?


Having your own Pics Mash site up and running is a lot easier than you might think. Back in the days (2004) of the original Pics Mash it would have been much more difficult and required some knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL, as well as how to actually get the darn thing online… well now things are a LOT easier. Here’s a list of what you’ll need

  • A domain name to house your site (www.cutepuppy.com for example) these are around $15 a year
  • A web host. To host your website and domain on – these are around $4 a month.
  • A copy of WordPress – this is free open source CMS software
  • A copy of the Pics Mash Image Rating tool (free) or (pro) version
  • Some photos to upload to your website (photo upload handled by the WordPress software).

That’s all there is to it. It comes to cost around $60 to $70 a YEAR to get a site like this up and running. Why would you do this? well you could always stick some other things on your site, have a little blog, maybe sell some stuff. The real power of the Pics Mash Tool comes when you think about how you can monetize it. Most online advertisers pay you to display their adverts, either cost per click (CPC) or cost per “impression” (CPM) the impression is when the page loads.

PICS MASH CREATES HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS OF PAGE IMPRESSIONS if you have developed a popular site! Think of how much advertising money this could bring in, from impressions alone. If anyone clicks an advert then bonus!


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3 thoughts on “Facemash reborn in a WordPress Plugin”

  1. borisa

    A week ago, I asked for your permission to translate your plugin. Since I didn’t get any answer from you, it would be very kind of you to consider my proposal and let me know if its alright to translate it.

    Borisa Djuraskovic

    1. Mike Post author

      Hi Boris, the bootstrap buttons come with customisable text so there isn’t a need to translate as it shows what you type in on the front page


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