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December 16, 2014| Mike Stott

We have been hard at work developing our latest theme “Plugin Hunt”. This is a theme for WordPress that lets you setup your very own website similar to Product Hunt.

Why is this a big deal? Well Product Hunt is a really popular website for curated content (in their case, products). The example site here ( is a content curation website for WordPress Plugins (hence the name, plugin hunt, rather than product hunt).

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 21.55.37


In case you’re wondering how you can grab a copy of this amazing theme, just add a copy to your cart below (p.s. if you use the coupon code: “HuntOff” at checkout you’ll get 10% off)

BUT, that’s not all that this theme can give you, you can use it for any type of content curation website idea. Some of our early theme purchasers are using the theme for the following types of website:

  • A website where users submit their favourite travel deal of the day
  • A website where users submit their best product pitch
  • A website where users submit their favourite WordPress Themes
  • A website that displays the best christmas products on amazon
  • …. the possibilities are endless with the amazing “Plugin Hunt Theme

There’s so much that can be done using a theme setup like this and every website owner should seriously thing about whether this can be used to increase user engagement on your site (or a subdomain of your site). If you run a photography blog, this theme might be perfect installed on a subdomain such as “” and allow your users to submit their favourite photos with a title, and why they think they’re top. This will in turn allow more people to visit your main site (in this example, and increase your overall website presence.

The initial feedback on the theme has been great, with the following customer testimonials collected:

Wow, this is a great theme. I love it. I’m really looking forward to seeing how you guys develop this theme!

This is really epic. I knew something exciting was coming soon, but I’ve been dying for a product hunt style website theme for AGES. Great work, a great theme from the epic team!

I thought it would be useful to share a bit more detail about our latest theme and how it works to give you an idea of what you can expect with version 1.0 and also what’s planned for v1.1 which will be released just before Christmas (remember, if you purchase v1.0 you get LIFETIME updates of the theme – so don’t hesitate to pick up a copy while the price is set for v1.0).

Introducing “Flash view”

Flash view¬†is one of the coolest things I’ve developed for a theme and the Plugin Hunt theme is our first theme to offer this ability. The following screenshot shows the flash view of a post

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 08.13.25


It allows you to click a post on the homepage and the post is then flashed out into view without you having to leave the page itself. No page loads, no burdens, just simple loading in of your post’s content without having to leave the home page.

But wait, it’s not just the post – it’s the comments too! Provide your visitors with a great and easy way to comment on your website posts, all without ever leaving the front page. I think this really is epic and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Current features (v1.0)

The theme has the following stand out major features in its v1.0

>> Theme designed and styled similar to the Product Hunt website
>> Inclusion of popular plugins to enable you to have infinite scrolling and themed profile pages
>> Inclusion of WPeddit UP voting arrows
>> Show when a post was added RELATIVE to the current date (e.g. TODAY, YESTERDAY, FRIDAY) etc.
>> Twitter Bootstrap scaffolding and components
>> Flash view of a posts details without leaving the front page of your website
>> AJAX loading in of user comments into the Flash view of the posts content

Planned features (v1.1) due before xMas

The theme has the following planned features for v1.1

>> Author pages improved to show metrics of the user (posts submitted, posts upvoted)
>> Upvotes to link through to improved author pages

Planned features (v1.2) due in early 2015

The theme has the following planned features for v1.2

>> Addition of a "collections" type feature. To display the top posts in a category created by users
>> Inclusion of a recommended plugin for Social Connect features (from our Epic expertise)
>> Addition of a rotating "sticky posts" feature into the theme
>> Addition of a "blog" custom post type to enable blogging alongside content curation
>> Addition of customisable email sign up forms (Mailchimp)

Additional Features available on demand

You may have noticed that I have used the Plugin Hunt WordPress Theme on which I am running as an affiliate microsite for the Envato API. To make this a “set and forget” type microsite / demonstration website. If you would like to use the additional plugin I developed to auto post content to the demo site from the Envato API please do get in touch to pick up a license to use the plugin for a one of cost of $39.99.

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