Plugin Hunt Theme v1.2 – brings collections

December 29, 2014| Mike Stott

Delivered slightly ahead of schedule is the latest version of our WordPress Theme Plugin Hunt. This theme lets you use WordPress to create a website content curation system. It really is amazing and v1.2 comes with a bunch of extra features

What’s new in version 1.2?

>> Addition of "Collections" watch the video here
>> Addition of a "Collections" page template (see here) "collections.php"
>> Addition of a modified for Theme My Login Nextend Connect 
>> Addition of  a "Category featured images plugin"
>> Addition of customised category listings templates
>> Addition of Social Share for collections pages
>> Addition of "Popularity" of collections
>> Addition of a rotating "sticky posts" feature into the theme
>> Addition of customisable email sign up forms (Mailchimp)
>> Refinement of the user navigation panel (top right of the header menu)


As always, you can visit the theme information page here, or you can head over to my own website which uses this theme in action.

If you’ve already purchased and need to download the latest version, you can do so here

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5 thoughts on “Plugin Hunt Theme v1.2 – brings collections”

  1. bradlishman

    Looking good Mike! great theme and support. Thanks for all your help.

    Any thoughts on v1.3? If I had to pick just one thing, it would be the auto email newsletter.

  2. Manickam

    May I ask why “Collections” missed in “General settings” in plugin hunt theme version 3.6.4? Thanks!

    1. Mike Post author

      In earlier versions of Plugin Hunt, “Collections” were simply admin categories, as such the admin was the only person who could create them and no one else could add to them.

      From v3.6 we built in a full front end collections system which lets visitors create their own collections and add content to them.

      Categories are now freed up for admin to be able to categorise content (for example into themes, plugins, music, etc)

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