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The Notify Me Plugin is a plugin for compatible themes which adds a notifications icon and activity feed.

Be notified when you have a post up-voted, when your post is commented on. Plus much more.

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Notifications – tailored for the Plugin Hunt Theme

The Notify Me Add on gives you an amazing new area to your Plugin Hunt Theme and WPeddit Theme. It gives you notifications. See the bell icon in the top right hand corner next to the profile picture? That’s the notifications symbol.

This add on gives you notifications. It gives you the following benefits

  • Notify your website users that activity has happened on their content
    • This gets your users coming back to your website
  • Notify your users by:-
    • Email – bringing them back to your site if they were away
    • Browser notifications – making them switch back to your site more often
  • Notify your users when:-
    • Anyone votes on their content
    • Their content has been commented on
  • Additionally for the Plugin Hunt Theme notify when:-
    • Someone follows them
    • Someone that they follow has posted a new product

Through using this add-on to the Plugin Hunt Theme you can boost your users engagement by keeping them notified about what’s going on.

Plugin Hunt Theme – Activity Feed

The plugin produces the following pages, Activity Feed and Settings. The Activity Feed is produced by adding the shortcode [ph_activity] to a page which you give the slug ‘activity’.

WPeddit Theme Activity

When you’ve received activity that is notifiable the bell icon changes and the number of notifications is shown. The user below has 5 notifications in the Plugin Hunt Theme. The WPeddit screenshot has 1 notification.

Plugin Hunt Theme Notifications Bar

WPeddit Theme Notifications Bar

Plugin Hunt Theme – No Notifications 

WPeddit Theme – No Notifications

User Customisable Settings

The Notification Add on runs from the shortcode [ph_settings] which you need to add to a new page you create (with the slug /settings/) once you’ve done this and the plugin is active users can control their own notification settings.

Plugin Hunt Theme Settings

WPeddit Theme Notification Settings

Browser Notifications

The Plugin also gives you browser notifications if you have any activity. The icon that is displayed on the notification is set under the Plugin Hunt Theme Options. The user below has received 3 new notifications and has been alerted via the browser notification.

Plugin Hunt Theme – Options

The Notification Add On requires the Plugin Hunt Theme Version 6.2+ which was released alongside this add on on the 24th December 2016. 

The WPeddit Theme has been updated on the 27th December and requires version 2.4+.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is a great add-on plugin to deliver notifications to your Plugin Hunt Theme website users.

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