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Add Reddit Style Up and Down voting arrows to your content. Your content is then ranked using the reddit algorithms to help your hottest content rise to the top.

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Do you want to have reddit type up/down voting on your website? Look no further. The WPeddit plugin is a plugin for any WordPress Theme that adds up and down voting arrows to your post content.  The main benefits for using the WPeddit plugin are

  • Increased website user engagement. Keep your visitors coming back
  • Reduced website bounce rates – your best content displayed first
  • Increase the engagement with commenting on articles. A good comment shown first might prompt someone to reply
  • Reward your website members for voting through the myCred integration

Add a voting area to your WordPress content


See that cool 1204 with an up or down arrow. This plugin adds that functionality to your website. Sounds simple huh?

Posts ranked by the reddit algorithm

If you have a post ranking solution that ranks your posts purely by the most upvotes then the oldest content will always be at the top (it’s had the longest time to gather votes after all). With the WPeddit plugin the ordering is ranked based on the following factors:-

  • The number of up votes
  • The number of down votes (a post with 100 up and 99 down would rank higher than a post with 1 up and 0 down votes)
  • The time since the post was submitted (newer posts with 10 ups are ranked higher than a really old post with 100 up votes)

It’s a great way of keeping your best content at the top of your website and gives new posts the chance to rise up the rankings.

Rank WordPress comments too

Ranking posts is great. Ranking comments is even better. You want to be able to see which comment is the most popular. The image below shows how comment ranking looks


So with both comment ranking and post ranking you can give your website visitors great ways to engage with your website.

Reward your website members for voting

You can reward your website members for voting on content by using the myCred ‘Points for voting’ which comes with WPeddit. To do this you need the myCred plugin installed and setup to grant your users points.

Once you’re up and running with myCred – drag the ‘Points for voting’ hook into the Active Hooks and everytime a user votes they’ll be given Credits.


Plugin Features

  • Up / Down voting for your WordPress content
  • Arrows and score added via the_content filter
  • Optionally re-order your blog to have the highest ranked first (read how)
  • Add up/down voting to your WordPress comments
  • Show your hottest posts (highest ranked) in a sidebar widget
  • Display your hottest comments (highest ranked) in a sidebar widget
  • Lock votes either by member ID or by user IP
  • Reward members for voting by giving them credits (requires myCred)

General FAQ

How do I get support

Support for all our products are handled via our help desk (support@epicplugins.com).

What is a per year cost?

All our products are sold under a subscription basis. You can read more about How a Subscription works if you need to know more.

3 reviews for WPeddit Plugin

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    A great plugin to use to give your website visitors interaction with your posts and express their views by sharing up or down.

    Most relevant content top of your blog can really help improve user bounce rates as they stay longer to read the interesting top rated content.

  2. Rated 1 out of 5


    Your site is filled with seemingly sophisticated and complex formulas but I can’t view the demo, the most basic of things. Looks like you have not been updating your site or plugins? Well, I shouldn’t be wasting my time?

    Well, the main page is the demo?

    • Mike

      Yes the whole site is the demo of the plugin in action (the up / down arrows)

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    tim1 (verified owner)

    This plugin is amazing. The math for the hot list is what really impressed me. This plugin wasn’t thrown together in a weekend that is for sure. Can’t wait to use this little guy. Thank you.

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