Quick Tip: permalinks

May 9, 2013| Mike Stott

Sometimes when you install a new plugin that registers a custom post type (like Dilemma or Pics Mash), visiting the custom post on the “view post” on the admin menu will bring you to a 404 not found page

This may make you think the plugin is broken. This isn’t usually the case (but it could be). What is usually the case is that you have a custom permalink setup on your website (i.e. anything except “default”).

The first thing you should try is setting your permalinks to default. Then try and view the page again. If you still get a 404 then there’s likely a plugin error.

If you can now see the custom post as intended, it’s a permalink thing (WordPress posts and pages are all stored in a MySQL database so custom posts shouldn’t really return a 404).

When you set your permalinks back to custom, this causes WordPress to update the mod rewrite rules to find your new custom posts and all is good.

Hope this quick tip helps

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