Quick Tip: Social Gallery WordPress Plugin

April 22, 2013| Mike Stott

This is the first in a series of WordPress Plugin “Quick Tips” on how to make tweaks to your plugins rather than wait for a developer to build in your new features.

The first tip is to change the language of the facebook like, and facebook comment social plugins that you see on a lot of websites and blogs.

The example plugin I’ll be using is Social Gallery.

First visit the following link and take a read:-


Still here?….  the link gives the details for which locale to use. At the moment you need to do this manually in Social Gallery but…here are the steps (make sure you take care when editing social gallery)

1.) go to the plugin editor and choose social gallery and find SocialGallery.php.
2.) ctrl + f to find a string and look for “connect.facebook.net” this will return a line with //connect.facebook.net/en_GB/all.js
3.) to change this to be spanish, you’d edit it to be : //connect.facebook.net/es_LA/all.js other details are on the facebook link above.
4.) make sure you change all the places of the //connect.facebook.net and make sure you don’t break anything else

Once this has been changed in your PHP file you should have some groovy spanish like buttons.


What could be easier 🙂


This “Quick Tip” and future Quick Tips have been written using the Google Chrome Extension.

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