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January 21, 2013| Mike Stott

The social gallery wordpress photo viewer plugin is our second epic review. This WordPress Plugin is one of the best plugins of 2012. You see a lot of those best plugins of 2012 or best WordPress plugins 2013.

Which are often full of the blog writers own affiliate links to the plugins on the list. This blog is no different and the links on here are linked to my own CodeCanyon or other affiliate accounts. However, what really sets this plugin apart is that I honestly believe that this plugin IS the best WordPress plugin of 2012 and it has a very strong chance of being the best WordPress plugin of 2013!

Why? Well it’s just so pretty. It lets you display your photos just like they were on Facebook. Users can make comments to the side of the photos and they are easily navigated just like any of the lightboxes you see out there on the market. It’s the only Gallery Share plugin out there that you’d want to have on your site.

Hang on, it’s a Lightbox?

Yep, that’s right folks, the Social Gallery plugin is a lightbox, but it’s a lightbox with such OOMPH it should be sat directing ships away from rocks, or lighting up the very bottom of the darkest part of the Grand Canyon. It really is on that level of EPIC coolness to be mentioned in the same breath. But what matters is what you think of it

You may have seen lightboxes on websites before, you know, when you click an image and the background fades away and it pops up to the forefront and lets you view it larger, or view the other images in the same gallery. Yeah lightboxes are cool, enough said on that…  Social Gallery is ice cold when it comes to being the king of all the lightboxes out there.

Why is it an Epic Plugin?

Well, it wouldn’t be one of the first Epic Plugins without a bit of history behind it now would it? Social Gallery is no exception. It started life as the brainchild of a boy who wanted his self published book covers to be able to have comments up next to them, hey this cover is cool, I love it so much better than the other book cover you had. Then the next natural step would be to also let the person share this cover out across the Social Networks, like facebook, twitter, google+ and of course, Pinterest.

What was born was, v1.0 of Social Gallery, which was knocked together in a weekend by the very talented Mr Hayday. It was an instant success on the book website Make Your Offer and it was initially used to increase awareness of the site and its covers, causing an uptick in new books and new members through the power of sharing alone (where’s Social Gallery on Make Your Offer? well it’s currently sleeping while some new features are added, but it will be back!).

Cool, so what next?

The next part is easy, I’m no salesman, I’m no top marketer or spin doctor, I write my reviews from an honest point of view so here’s a couple of things that I think would be totally cool for Social Gallery to be able to do

  • Recommend you other images that you may like, based on your likes and preferences across other websites
  • Play a bit of soothing music in the background, or a bit of a rock track, ROCK ON while the photos glide by

There’s a ton of other stuff that’s been developed alongside the Social Gallery plugin, but by now you’ll want an example… so here you go (click on an image to set the ship sailing).


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