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January 5, 2013| Mike Stott

Social Polling is an add on to the WordPress Easy Polling Plugin which is already available for sale here. What does this add-on do? Well it turns your Easy Polls VIRAL.

The Polls are styled similar to how Facebook styles their questions and allows you to ask questions from your very own site. Users will have to be logged in via Facebook to use this style of the Poll, but if they are – and they grant you the permission – Easy Polling posts to their newsfeed that they’ve answered a poll on your site and links back to your site. What could be better?

You can also change your vote at any time as well as click on any of the “faces” to see who has voted on each option.

Give it a go below by checking out the example poll below.

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[myo_fb_poll poll = 6302]

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6 thoughts on “WordPress Social Polling Plugin”

  1. Stan


    how can anybody vote ?? There is no vote button! Voting does not work, not here in the demo and not in the plugin.


    1. Mike Post author

      Hi, you vote by clicking on a bar (like you used to do on Facebook questions) – it should let you vote?

  2. Pratham

    Hi Mike,
    If I click vote facebook asks me if i want to share info with ‘Epic Plugins’
    If we add this plugin to our site will it use our facebook app API credentials?

    1. Mike Post author

      Yeah you can switch it to your own app ID (in fact, you must) since the App ID is locked to this domain

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