This is SPARTA

January 28, 2013| Mike Stott

The time has finally come. This is SPARTA. Although I didn’t manage to get the exact moment when the event happened, I’m proud to announce that today is SPARTA day.

Why is it SPARTA day? Well, the EPIC milestone of 300 sales has been passed on CodeCanyon. A massive THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased one of my plugins.

If you haven’t seen my full CodeCanyon Portfolio you can View it HERE. I hope to be bringing even more top quality WordPress plugins to your door. To be kept up to date about any of the plugins in the pipeline please do Subscribe to our newsletter..

Epic Plugins also offer a (very small) but growing plugin base for some add ons to the CodeCanyon items. If you’ve not checked out the add-ons available you can Visit the STORE

If you’d like to EARN SOME MONEY you can become an EPIC AFFILIATE and any sales you refer our way we’ll give you an EPIC 30% on EVERY sale you send our way and not just the first purchase 🙂 what could be better?

Remember, to find out more and get lots of tips about how to use WordPress and the best way to use my WordPress plugins in particular please do Subscribe to our newsletter.


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