Transparency Report #18 – September 2017

November 5, 2017| Mike Stott

Whoops. What happened here then. September absolutely rocketed by, and I didn’t publish this report. Given I can talk more about things in the October 2017 report, I’ll be going into detail there. For the sanity of my OCD, read on for September’s figures

So, similar to last month, a good month for Zero BS CRM, and “steady” sales for Plugins and Themes. Stripping out the Zero BS CRM will show this in the chart below.

The usual split (compared to last month)

The strong performance was lead by Zero BS CRM, as a refresher the figures for July are below too

  • CodeCanyon – $123 (vs $64)
  • Epic Plugins – $685 (vs $694)
  • Zero BS – $2,934 (vs $4,158)
  • Epic Themes – $1,524 (vs $1,385)

Zero BS CRM sales drop

So, with Zero BS CRM we ran a pricing experiment at the end of September / start of October. This experiment served to bring more sales into September, followed by a general slow period (in October) following on from the price experiment. There’s been a lot going on with Zero BS CRM, which I’ll cover in more detail in the October report (publishing in a couple of weeks).

Traffic Analysis

You might recall that I often do traffic analysis to see how the content marketing efforts are going on the site. We’ve put out a ton of new content in September and October (well, it’s a ton for me). I’m writing this report at the start of November, so the similar web traffic charts go up to the end of September.

Epic Plugins Traffic

I’m going to focus on both Epic Plugins and Epic Themes as these are the sites where we’ve been publishing regular content.

Epic Themes Traffic

A little bit more bumpy this one (and much less traffic) but it’s not as established as Epic Plugins and, more importantly, I do most of my own personal blogging on this blog (rather than the others) such as these transparency reports.

So, that’s it for September’s report (given I’m very late in publishing it), keep an eye out for the Transparency Report for October 2017 where I’ll be going into more detail about what’s been happening 🙂



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