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January 25, 2016| Mike Stott

In this short blog post I wanted to explore people’s opinion about whether epic plugins should start to be transparent with its income and support volumes.

There’s lots of websites and other places that do monthly transparency reports and this is an exploration piece on epic plugins about whether it is something that we should start.

From what I can see of the posts online they’re a great way to share in success and failures. As you know my aim with epic plugins and epic themes is to help you become epic with WordPress.

This means that I want to help you either with offering great plugins that save time or are cool, or themes which help you setup and run an amazing website in a fraction of the time (and cost) of having one developed from scratch.

Epic Plugins has been a long personal journey for me, starting towards the end of 2012 (you can read the first year in review) and one which happened quite by ‘chance’ but backed up with coding ability.

January is the month of the year where everyone reflects on what they want to achieve and set goals and targets. A little bit like going on a health kick in the new year, doing it alone and being secretive may well stop you trying as hard, or sticking to the plan quite the same.

So, I wanted to check in and get your opinions on whether, starting in the next few days (with a mammoth ‘Jan 2013 to Dec 2015’ report) how useful regular transparency reports are. Please cast your vote using the opinion call out box below (and leave any comments in the comment box)

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