Web App Challenge – Setting the Scene

May 4, 2016| Mike Stott

I wanted to write a short blog update on my UK web app challenge following on from the announcement post that I quit my job.

This is setting the scene. You’ll have seen from my post that I’m a fan of Nathan Barry, who set himself a┬áchallenge to build a web app form zero to $5,000 per month in 6 months. He didn’t make it, but he still did well (making about half his target).

I want to set a slightly easier target but along a similar line.

Build a bootstrapped* web app from zero to $2,000 per month recurring revenue, in 12 months. Spending 20 hours a week max.

Why that target? It’s longer and also a lower bar than where ConvertKit got to. Well, the reasons are below:

  • I’ll be doing this from scratch without knowing what to build
  • I’ll be coding and designing it myself from scratch (keep an eye out for the stack I choose)
  • I have quite a few personal breaks to take in the next 12 months (including working a notice period) so it’ll be more like 9 months of un-distracted focus.
  • Nathan didn’t code the app and funded the initial development with personal cash (and then having beta users fund future development). I don’t plan to go this route. I’ll be building this on sweat equity.

*the cost will be my time (and the opportunity cost that my time could be spent on other projects)

When will it start? It starts now. However I’m still working a notice period, so I can’t really give this full focus until end of July (at which point the 20 hours a week max will come in).

Why am I doing this? Well it will help me diversify revenue – if WordPress tanks (highly unlikely) then I’ll still have enough to pay the bills via diversification.

It also helps me explore new tech, new tech which I can bring into plugins and themes in the future.

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