WordPress 3.6 New Menu System

April 27, 2013| Mike Stott

The new WordPress (v3.6) gives users a really cool way to manage their website menu from the admin page. Here’s a screenshot

Accordian Menu

Accordian Menu


That’s pretty cool. Each custom post and custom taxonomy on your site is easily displayed and you can add individual pages from each drop down to your website menu.

It makes things really neat and easy to follow. Have a play with the new features and let us know your thoughts. We think that they are really Epic and bring cool new features to the WordPress experience making it much easier to use as a CMS.

As WordPress moves more and more away from a “Blogging” tool to a full CMS / website management system, will you be moving wit it? Is it uber cool that they guys over at WordPress still have it as a free system?


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