WordPress five must have free plugins 2013

October 27, 2013| Mike Stott

There are without doubt a great number of these types of posts up on various plugin websites, so it may make one think “should I put my own up too, don’t I want to be different?”

that’s true… we do want to be different and help your website become truely epic but the useage of plugins really is something every website should look into if they’re run on WordPress or other platforms.

Here’s five of my favourite WordPress plugins of 2013 so far!

Yoast SEO plugin

This is a pretty cool plugin and does a good job at SEO, it’s currently suffering a minor PHP warning though so let’s hope Joost fixes this i.e. “Warning: Missing argument 3 for wpseo_upgrader_process_complete() in /plugins/wordpress-seo/inc/wpseo-non-ajax-functions.php on line 259″


If you run WordPress and DON’T run askimet you’ll wake up to lots and lots of spammy comments!

Hey, what you’re sharing is really cool, everyone should be aware of this I’ll share your post on my site, check us out…

Sounds great, until you realise they’re linking to “cheap lawnmowers” or something else equally as stupid!

Broken Link Checker

This is pretty cool, especially if you’ve a large site, it lets you know if any of your links are broken and also lets you manage outgoing links 🙂 it’s worth a nosey for sure!!


Scared of getting hacked? Well you should be! Have you not seen the 1995 film hackers?!?  the threat is real…  times have moved on since the days of Angelina Jolie and there’s some amazingly talented people out there who may choose you to try and hack into.. the really great hackers can get into almost anything! but let’s not make it easy for them!

WordFence is a nice free plugin which helps secure your website. It’s free too!

Contact Form 7

Who doesn’t love a friendly message from someone asking them about their website. Beware of those asking you for traffic stats or information and offering you CPC services. Google rules all – why bother with anyone else….  but it’s always a good idea to offer your website readers a way to contact you (just like ours in the footer!)

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