WPeddit. The latest EPIC plugin has a theme available!

February 15, 2013| Mike Stott

WPeddit is the complete solution to your website needs. It is more than just a theme. It is a fully responsive template with epic functionality. This turns your website and theme into a very powerful, user engaged website.

  • Adds vote up or vote down buttons to your website posts
  • Lets users navigate around your website easily by category
  • See which posts are your visitors favourites
  • Show your hottest posts first to any new visitor
  • Keep track of which posts perform well
  • Easily allow users to generate their own categories and content

Why do I want this solution?

In todays internet age, the amount of time someone spends on your website on a first visit is getting shorter and shorter. What this product does is display your hottest posts to them as soon as they land on your site.

This keeps them there longer, they can also influence which posts are high up in the rankings, or vote down ones they don’t like. It really is awesome.

Did you know? The guys over at growthhackers.com used WPeddit Theme as their base for their website. Now you can do the same with our “Epic”hackers theme

That’s true. It works just like reddit. You can allow members to create their own categories and post updates to that category. It completely increases user engagement and that’s not all.

OH NO.. not a reddit clone

It’s not. It’s much more than that. The default skin is designed to display similar to reddit so that people can instantly recognise the purpose and use of this theme and templates. But we know that we don’t just want a bunch of reddit clones out there.. with no variety and no individuality.. well, the WPeddit template and plugin are developed and built on the Twitter Bootstrap.. this means ultimate flexibility for you and your website.

What this means is, the website is primed to be switched to any bootstrap skin you like. All it needs is a bit of attention and a small amount of knowledge.

But I don’t have this knowledge

Don’t worry. This product comes with 3 starter themes for you to get your teeth into. If you do not like the default layout you can start off with any of the following starter skins.

  • Plain bootstrap
  • Light skin
  • Dark skin

If this isn’t enough you can look into any of the CodeCanyon Bootstrap Skins available. and with a little bit magic you can have this template fitting to any of these skins*

*not all skins have been tested.

What our users are saying

The template and theme have been tested by a number of beta testers and here is what they are saying!

This is THE WordPress theme of 2013 and maybe EVER. I love it! Thank you!

Wow I love it! Get it up on Themeforest ASAP!!

Dude.. you turned WordPress into a powerful reddit like solution… very cool, very cool

v1.0 of WPeddit is still in its infancy, more and more skins will be added given the right level of demand and support for this product. So please do buy now and help support this project! If you are a bootstrap skin developer and would like to help have your skin integrated then please do contact me for more information.

Feature list

  • Fully responsive looks great on iPhone, iPad and other devices
  • Built on Twitter Bootstrap
  • Full use of Twitter Bootstrap scaffolding and components
  • Front end posting ability
  • Vote security – IP vote locking or member vote locking
  • Front end post security – Publish posts immediately or have them pending review
  • Widget ready
  • Menu enabled
  • 3 menu styles (default, fixed, floating)
  • 4 themes in 1 (default, bootstrap, light, dark)
  • Premium Support forums
  • One time download – future automatic updates
  • Fully AJAX voting on posts
  • Shortcode enabled to easily display post forms
  • Custom styling of the theme my login plugin
  • Fancy login/register dropdown modal
  • All the features of the bootstrap
  • Plus much more



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4 thoughts on “WPeddit. The latest EPIC plugin has a theme available!”

  1. Warren

    Hi there,

    I have a few questions:

    1)Are the WPeddit and Epic Hackers theme both WordPress compatible?
    2)I’m interested in the Epic Hackers theme, but will I need to purchase WPeddit to make it work? 3)What are the features for the Epic Hackers theme? Can users submit photos as well as links? 4)Finally, is there a place to add advertisements in the themes as well.


    1. Mike Post author


      1. Yes they’re WordPress Themes
      2. Hi, Epic Hackers is stand alone, you do not need to also purchase WPeddit
      3. It’s questions and articles, not images in Epic Hackers
      4. Yes, add them where you like


  2. Josh

    does this theme allow for comment voting? I could it see comment voting in the theme demo however the wpeddit plugin allows comment voting?

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