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February 27, 2013| Mike Stott

For those who do not know or have not heard about this freemium pluign (free plugin with a PRO option) then here’s what it does in a nutshell

WPtouch automatically transforms your WordPress website for mobile devices, complete with ajax loading articles and smooth effects when viewed from popular mobile web browsing devices like the iPhone, iPod touch, Android mobile phones, BlackBerry OS6+ mobile devices, and more!

However one of the “Pro” features is the ability to show the featured image on a post or page of the plugin. This is something what would be pretty nice to have. However it’s a “Pro” feature. The guys who have developed the plugin charge $50 for this pro feature on a single site.

So…. why am I telling you all this? Well, a client of Epic Plugins has asked whether it’s possible to build an Epic Plugin add on which adds this little feature.

[wp_eStore_fancy2 id=9]

That’s what we did. With the WPtouch plugin it adds the featured image to the WPtouch templates without you having to hack though and edit core files of the WPtouch free plugin (of course any hacks you’d make would be lost when the developer updates the plugin).

The price of this plugin is low at $10 especially compared to the upgrade to PRO feature of the WPtouch plugin. Pick up a copy at this super low price today

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