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November 11, 2013| Mike Stott

A thought I’d write a quick blog post to share how Social Gallery PRO WordPress plugin can really help boost your website. One of our PRO users recently shared a couple of Google Analytics charts with me because they were SO happy with the plugin and wanted me to share with the world how cool and epic version 3.0+ has been for them.


What’s so interesting about the 27th October??! 
It’s when they installed and started using the PRO version of Social Gallery.

Really cool or what? Through using the plugin they were able to instantly see the boost in traffic that was happening just because of the plugin.


Why PRO?
Through using Social Gallery PRO you are able to
  • See Google Analytics proof that having Social Gallery just works
  • Boost the value of your website – more pageviews = more $$$$$$ for you
  • Feel Epic that you’re running the PRO version of our awesome plugin
What else could be needed as proof?
The Analytics could be when a site had a sudden bite of popularity, so the same information was provided to show this was SOCIAL traffic, the only change they had made to their site was to install Social Gallery PRO edition!! AWESOME or WHAT?!
It is clear to see the spike has come from Social Referral that’s Facebook, Pinterest and other social sources!!
What is stopping you – upgrade to PRO to see the same effects happen on your very own site*!!!
*Google Analytics Tracking required to be installed and active on your website

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