Social Gallery Video: Building the Shortcode

July 4, 2013| Mike Stott

There may be some theme setups that mean that the Social Gallery Video button doesn’t insert the shortcode into the post and page.

Secondly, since the button is a critical tool to help you create a Social Gallery Video, if it doesn’t work for you then DONT WORRY¬†you will simply have to input the shortcode manually and this post tells you how!

The shortcode is built in components

[SGVYT ids = ''

types = ''

title = ''

desc = ''


I’ll explain each in turn

ids this is the ID of the Video

YouTube ID i.e.
Vimeo ID i.e.
WordPress ID is the attachment ID

The types are

YouTube is: ‘yt’
Vimeo is: ‘vm’
WordPress is: ‘wp’

Title’s and descriptions are plain text but to be safe and use ANY HTML you should encode your plain text

So the example shortcode to show the YouTube with the ID above, and the Vimeo with the ID above would be

[SGVYT ids = '3RLwuDQSkDI,69274913' types = 'yt,vm' title = 'YouTube,Vimeo' desc = 'This is YouTube, This is Vimeo' ]

Note that the values are separated by commas (e.g. , ) and grouped by single quotes (e.g. ‘ ) for this reason care must be taken when using , or ‘ in the descriptions if they aren’t properly encoded (e.g. , becomes %2C)

Which will give the following result

[SGVYT ids = ‘3RLwuDQSkDI,69274913’ types = ‘yt,vm’ title = ‘YouTube,Vimeo’ desc = ‘This is YouTube, This is Vimeo’]

Please remember to post up on the forum if you’re having issues with the Social Gallery Video button and we can help / improve the plugin to be compatible with more themes and plugins.

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