Subscriber Loyalty Reward – January 2017 – Winner

January 26, 2017| Mike Stott

Phew. OK so this month’s reward took a bit of time to find a winner who replied to the ‘You’re a winner’ email. If you’ve purchased a WordPress Theme or a WordPress Plugin from Epic Themes or Epic Plugins and your subscription is active. Then you’re eligible to win the monthly reward.

What’s the monthly subscriber loyalty reward again?

  • You’ll receive a randomly chosen gift which will arrive in the post
  • I’ll publish a guest post (written by you) on the epic plugins blog – this is about your use of the product
  • Your subscription renewal will be extended a year, at no cost to you

The winner for December and what they won is here.   Anyway, enough about December. What about the winner for January.

Subscriber Winner – January 2017

The winner this month is Alan. Alan has purchased a lot of products from us (pretty much every theme from Epic Themes). The guest post on the particular theme he’s using and what for will go live in a couple of weeks.  Congratulations Alan.

Onto what he’s won..    when choosing the Epic Rewards I choose something that I personally think is Epic. Something I recommend to friends and definitely something I’ve either used or seen myself.  This month there’s not one gift, but two. Both from the same Author and both books (oops, given it away) are books I’ve found incredibly useful in building up my own business and working two months from Thailand.

Four Hour Work Week & Tools of Titans



The Epic Subscriber Loyalty reward this month is two books from Tim Ferriss. The 4 Hour Work Week is a good book that I read a couple of years ago while still in my 9-5. It’s probably what started me down this path of becoming a digital nomad.

Tools of Titans – I’ve recently also purchased this book for myself. It’s a bigger book than I was expecting with lots of useful advice form some of the big hitters.

So, congratulations to Alan, hopefully these are books he’s not already got 🙂 and hopefully something in one of them will become useful.

Remember, the subscriber loyalty rewards are run each month. The next reward and winner will be drawn on February the 15th so if you’ve yet to purchase from us and want to be included in the draw you can do so here.

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  1. Alan O Flaherty

    Delighted with these, Mike! They aren’t in my collection and I look forward to reading them . Thank you !!

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