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July 12, 2016| Mike Stott

As I gear up to doing this full time, I wanted to make sure I had all the tools in place and part of that is consistent branding.

There’s some subtle changes you’ll see over the next few months with the site, and some more major changes. But given I wanted to breathe Epic Plugins (and Epic Themes) I’ve decided to go ahead and order some business cards with my contact details and even a pen… a pen.

Why have I done this? Surely no-one uses business cards anymore.. the reasons for doing this are

  • I recently quit my job – and I’m about to go this full time
  • I had some business cards already but they were old brand
  • I found a good designer (some changes to site design coming soon)
  • I wanted a consistent, recognisable brand (I’ve changed a few times in the past) – this one is for keeps

But, why a fox….

Is it a fox? I thought it was a racoon.. either way, I chose it because it symbolised something small, but epic if you ever get up close to one..  our plugins and themes are small (niche in some areas) but powerful and more importantly, useful.

So, what do you think? Do you think having business cards is useful? Generally meeting people out in the street I wouldn’t leave my card, nor would I leave it in the pub, for people to pick up.

WordPress Plugins and Themes are quite a niche (global) area to be a “businessman” in, certainly when compared to plumbing, or plastering. Not everyone is going to think, oh, I really need a website which does this.. hang on I got that guys card..

But, still vastly useful for any meetups I’ll be doing and any networking for specific WordPress Groups. It’s all about Outreach and Discovery of the brand.

The pen though, that’s just for me 🙂 hands off.

What’s your thoughts? Do you think business cards are still useful?

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