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April 7, 2013| Mike Stott

This is a short blog post to introduce the concept of “Epic WordPress Guides”, what are they? why do I write them and what will they cover?

What are Epic WordPress Guides?


Epic Guides are a series of blog posts aimed to help you become better with WordPress and exist to share my knowledge so hopefully you can learn from me and maybe even one day develop your very own Epic WordPress plugin or build your very own WordPress website full of the best Epic WordPress plugins of 2013 and beyond.

Why write Epic WordPress Guides?

Surely knowledge is power and power brings more business and more sales of Epic Plugins or people requesting custom website development or even custom plugin development. That’s true, it probably does. However I built Epic Plugins as the strapline says “to make plugins that make your life better” sometimes spending money on website development or plugin development is not the best way to make you happy. Perhaps you’re keen to learn and want the quick tip here and there about how to make your WordPress install do XYZ without installing 10 free plugins from WordPress.org.

I hope that through these guides you can do just one thing with WordPress that makes you think “Yeah, that’s pretty Epic”.

What will Epic WordPress Guides cover?

Epic Guides will cover more the back-end side of WordPress installs, that’s plugins, simple PHP functions and tricks of the trade. The guides could cover some of the best ways to use any of the Epic Plugins available on this site, they may decide to teach a little bit about what a “hook is” and how you can use them, or what “filters” are and what you can do with them. I have guides planned for the very little (such as making a text widget accept shortcodes) to the much more detailed (like how to get a “plugin” of your own written) and everything in between (like how to create a simple page template to do something special).

Please do watch this space and series of blog posts to start gaining more of an insight into the Epic ways and the amazing things you can make your WordPress install do for you.

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