We are making some changes

October 28, 2016| Mike Stott

Change. Why do we change? We change to improve. Epic Plugins is changing. We are moving to a different payment system and to subscriptions.

We are moving to Stripe

Stripe is great. It’s a secure payment provider. PayPal is amazing if you’re a US citizen, but becomes limited if you’re in the UK. Stripe doesn’t have these limits.

There’s also a ton of cool things I can use with Stripe (such as baremetrics, in the long run). I also think the checkout process with Stripe is a lot simpler than PayPal.

Also, PayPal is blocked in some countries. This means people can’t actually purchase from the site. This is bad.

We are switching to a subscriptions model

All of our products are now sold on a subscriptions basis. We put a lot of work into the themes and plugins available and we want to move to a system that allows us to keep doing that. A subscription based system is the way to go forward with this. It may seem like it’s off-putting but in reality everyone is doing it from a selling products perspective.

  • WooCommerce have moved to an auto-renewal subscription only system
  • Easy Digital Downloads have moved
  • Plus many others…

But as a customer it means it’s more expensive, right?

Well no. It actually makes it easier for you to continue to use the latest version of the product, ensure you get bug fixes and continue with supporting you.

Personally, for me, it’s less stressful. As the subscription user base grows I know which customers are loyal to me. I can better predict revenue and I can see what’s working and what’s not through discussions with customers (and understand reasons why people may cancel their subscription).


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