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May 1, 2016| Mike Stott

A short while ago I sent an email broadcast to the newsletter asking for what pains you have with WordPress. I wanted to share the results of that outreach here and ask for comments if there’s anything else you want to add to the list.

So, here we are, the list of ‘pains’ with WordPress, in no particular order (although some were mentioned more than once)

  • Bulk deselect of categories. In ‘Bulk Edit’ mode you can bulk select categories, but you cannot bulk deselect, which is really annoying if you want to change the category name across multiple posts. Bulk Edit is great when you search posts and want to add categories to all posts with a search term. Would be great if this extended to unselecting categories too.
  • Image editing within WordPress isn’t that great, I’m having to edit in photoshop and then upload the edited file to WordPress, just simple things like a vignette or a watermark would be nice to have ‘within’ WordPress
  • As a designer, it’s so hard to design a nice page within WordPress’ visual editor. Even with tools like visual composer you’re ‘wedged’ into the header, sidebar and footer of the theme. The theme will also enqueue all its stylesheets on pages so any custom design gets messy with adding custom CSS to that page and hoping things look right. There must be a nicer way.
  • I’d love it if all themes had demo content, or if there was a ‘stock’ of demo content to get various websites up and running. A searchable, ‘stock demo content’ type repository. Say I’m using ‘Theme ABC’ then I can find demo content for Theme ABC if it’s not included by the developer (especially true for wordpress.org themes)
  • There’s so much clutter in my admin page, plugins have their admin bar menus but I never use them after initial setup. A tidy up option would be nice or a ‘hide plugin menus’ type switch which would group them. Kinda like how I group my Apps on my iPhone

Well, there we have it. I can definitely relate to some of those, do you have any you want to add? Leave a comment below

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2 thoughts on “What are your WordPress pains”

  1. Benjamin Hansen

    good stuff those are all pretty annoying things which could be improved for sure.

  2. Patrick

    Since woocommerce is now compatible with the pluginhunt theme, an age verification plugin by Epic Plugins would be nice – the leading one on the market is Age Verify, and it really sucks, it slows down your site significantly and forces you to display their ad branding for 5 seconds after user confirms age at bottom of page.

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