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WordPress Secrets

We can help you become Epic by sharing our experience with you. Check out Our Events below.

Best Plugins 2013

With over 28,000 free plugins and counting, which should you always use?

Setup Guides

Visit our guides area for lots and lots of help and support.Watch as WordPress becomes a breeze.

Some Epic Premium Plugins

How we can make you epic

we help Plan your site

Which plugins are a must have and which aren't the best. Free or Premium. Which Premium?

we hold Epic Events

Join one of our Epic Events and learn hands on from our knowledge and expereicne.

We share Success Stories

We are able to share real success stories of people who through using plugins have setup Epic sites.

help your site grow

Watch your visitor stats grow as you start using the best plugins.

Helps Save yourself Time

Plugins have been developed already, with countless hours of development time going into them. Tap into that power.

Help you do more than blog

Want to develop a SaaS? Simple. Wish to offer an Events Booking service? Easy! Expand your skills beyond blogging.

  • Epic Plugins really helped our site get into tip top shape. All through the use of plugins and some easy tweaks.

    James -

Epic Workshops and Events

Following setup guides can be a drag. Understanding how to fix and tweak that plugin can be even worse. We offer hands on workshops to help give you the tools and knowledge to fix and tweak your own sites rather than relying on developers who may overcharge for a simple "fix". The savings you can make through knowing your own tweaks is worth the price of the workshop alone. You do not need to be a programmer to attend these workshops.

You may come away feeling so Epic that you're able to help others out with small projects and eventually turn your learning into steady side income.

Why attend a Workshop

  • Available to anyone. Beginners encouraged.
  • Full day with Epic Plugins at a venue near you.
  • Top tips and tools shared from years of experience.
  • Access to our Epic Plugin Pack for FREE.
  • Share ideas and experiences in a group.



  • Full Day with Epic Plugins
  • Free Epic Plugins Pack
  • Hands on Support



  • Full Day with Epic Plugins
  • Free Epic Plugins Pack
  • Hands on Support



  • Full Day with Epic Plugins
  • Free Epic Plugins Pack
  • Hands on Support

Larger Events

Less hands on than workshops. Learn from the best in industry. Learn how you can do almost anything with WordPress

Idea Generation

How do you come up with ideas? What makes ideas stick? How can you use WordPress to turn your ideas into implementation.

What Next?

With all this information. What next? How to put what you've learned into Practice. Some real life success stories.

Still not sure? Try a couple of gifts from us

Download two of our awesome plugings for FREE and check out some of the epic things you can do.

Social Gallery is the ultimate Lightbox for your websites images. Give your website visitors that familiar Facebook feel and start discussions raging about your websites images. All right next to the image itself. WOW.

Pics Mash is one of our first Epic Plugins. It helps send your websites pageviews through the roof. Which image is best? Let your visitors decide in an infinite game. Use the information to display a "top rated" photo page. EPIC.